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Jan, 2021

2020 Arkansas USSSA Code of Conduct

Arkansas USSSA

Code of Conduct

I. Conditions


A. The Code of Conduct applies to all participants including, players, coaches, managers, sponsors, and spectators associated with the adult softball program.


B. The code applies to participant conduct before, during and after all USSSA events.


C. Participants will be held liable for damages caused by misusing park facilities and may be required to reimburse the City for any damages caused.


D. It is the responsibility of each team manager to ensure that all participants and spectators know and adhere to the rules and regulations.


II. Enforcement


A. The Arkansas USSSA Ethics Committee will review all stage 2 and higher Code of Conduct violations.  Then will make a recommendation for disciplinary action to the State Director based on the range of disciplinary action listed under the penalty section of the Code of Conduct rules.


B. The State Director has the authority to impose penalties as prescribed within the Code of Conduct regardless of the Ethics Committee recommendations.


C. The Umpire in Charge (UIC) for the tournament, tournament director, and the State UIC will collect all necessary documentation and are responsible for notifying the team manager in writing (email or registered letter) of any penalty imposed.  It is then the team manager's responsibility to inform the player(s) of the penalty.


D. All communications regarding code of conduct enforcement will be done via e-mail or registered letter.


E. Any Code of Conduct violation that is a stage 2 or higher violation and involves any misconduct against an umpire will result in an investigation and a possible suspension of those involved.


F. Most decisions will be final with no possibility of appeal.  In some instances the person(s) involved may be given a period of time to appeal the penalty.


G. That appeal must be in writing and delivered to the state director or state UIC within 10 days of the date of the notice.


III. Violations and penalties


A. Stage 1


Misconduct includes but is not limited to:

.               Unsportsmanlike conduct

.               Unnecessary roughness

.               Reckless physical conduct and/or action(s)

.               Casual profanity

.               Inappropriate gestures


Penalty: Ejection from game and suspension for the remainder of the game based on the below listed criteria:


.               If ejection occurs prior to the 5th inning, the participant may play the next game as long as the participant leaves the game without additional incident and does not commit any other code of conduct violations (see Post Ejection Conduct below).


.               If the ejection occurs after the 4th inning the participant is suspended for the next game.


Post Ejection Conduct (participant action immediately following an ejection by an umpire):

Misconduct includes but is not limited to:

Continues to use profanity


Acts or carries on in a disruptive manner Refuses to leave as requested by the umpire or staff


Penalty: Ejection from the tournament, AND moved to at least a Stage 2 violation and will be reviewed by the ethic committee.


B. Stage 2: Includes Stage 1 criteria but more severe Misconduct includes but is not limited to:


.               Taunting

.               Failure for a coach or manger (whoever represents the team for the game) to: attempt to de-escalate a potentially volatile situation, attempt to control a participant that is violation the Code of Conduct.


.               Intimidating behavior and/or action

.               Excessive profanity

.               Perceived reckless behavior

.               Unnecessary roughness with the perceived intent to cause harm or injury


.               Unruly, disruptive, unsportsmanlike, uncooperative behavior etc. immediately following an ejection by an umpire

Penalty: Ejection from the tournament, AND possible suspension for up to one year from the date of the incident, AND/OR probation for up to three years from the date of the incident.


C. Stage 3: Includes Stage 2 violations but more severe Misconduct includes but is not limited to:


.               Verbal threats such as "I know where you live", "I better not see you out here again", "or else" etc.


.               Physical contact with anyone (includes incidental contact with umpire, opposing players, spectators, staff etc.


.               Any negative (verbal, physical) contact with an umpire prior to or after a game on or off the field


.               Any negative contact with an umpire in the parking lot, at their vehicle or anywhere else on City property


.               Throwing a ball or any other object in the general direction of anyone


.               A player purposefully throwing a ball at a base runner while the base runner is attempting to stay out of the way of a fielders attempt to throw.


.               Giving the distinct impression through gesture or verbally expressing the idea or perceived notion and intent to instigate a fight.  This includes commonly known phrases such as "let's take this to the parking lot" etc.

Penalty: immediate ejection from all USSSA play for up to one year with the probability that the State Director will ask the National Organization for up to a lifetime of suspension from all USSSA participation.


Team Misconduct:

A team will be found in violation of the Code of Conduct if the following occurs:

.               A team instigates, promotes or participates in a bench clearing fight at any time before, during or after a game.


.               The definition of a bench clearing brawl is defined as 2 or more players from the same team leaving the dugout or their positions on the field to instigate the above bulleted misconduct violations.

Penalty: immediate ejection from the tournament, followed by the possible suspension of the entire team from participation in all tournament play for up to one year from the date of the incident.


Chris Walker                                       Ken Hawk

State Director                                    State Umpire in Charge



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